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Avyakt Murli Books or Avyakt Murli PDF

  • Beautiful collection of all avyakt murlis by Avyakt Bapdada in single set.
  • All Avyakt Murlis from 1969 to 2017 in a Set of 44 Printed Books.
  • Beautiful Gift of Sangamyug and golden opportunity of final purusharth.
  • Easy to manage and read in small printed year-wise modular books.
  • Approximate Weight:- 9.4KG.

Avyakt Murli or Avyakt Vani – The version of Avyakt Bapdada. In this book you will get year wise murli divided into 44 books according to the comfortable weight and size. This is more precious the gold and diamond for Brahmin Family . All this book available online in the ValuEducation Site specially the collection of all the books which belongs to Values and Spirituality in our daily life.

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